Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stanley Allen Meyer HHO WFC Water Fuel Cell

Stanley Allen Meyer HHO WFC Water Fuel Cell, cheap, free, hydrogen oxygen source portable and available worldwide.

The U.S. Patent office approved a Brand New Technology invented by Stanley Allen Meyer [USP # 4,936,961] that involves converting distilled water into its constituent gases of Hydrogen and Oxygen using VERY LITTLE ENERGY.
This breakthrough technology was said to use roughly one tenth the energy of Electrolysis, which, until Meyer, was not competitive with Natural Gas, Coal, Oil and Nuclear! This was the answer but the U.S. Goverment used its National Security excuse to bury Meyer and his Genius!...
and cheat 300,000,000 Americans and the world out of free fuel and home heating.
No Government is "protecting" their people.

Stanley Meyer Patent Suppressed by the oilment


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